NERVEN is the project of producer JP van den Berge and singer/songwriter Selma Peelen.

The Nerven Story

Once upon a time in a loft somewhere in Amsterdam singer-songwriter Selma Peelen and I (JP van den Berge, bass player/producer) were recording an album under Selma’s name. When Selma’s world turned upside down the project was abandoned. Selma and I went separate ways. She started recording her new album on her own. I tried to move on, failed miserably, realized I could not let go and decided, after speaking to Selma, to pick up the pieces and save them from extinction.

Selma’s guide vocals and main melody/themes stayed, everything else was more or less recreated from scratch.
Sebastiaan Flier came over a few times to lay down some mean Guitar tracks, always enlightened by a faint candlelight, the Vibe was with us …
Robbert Scherpenisse added some great Trumpet and Flugelhorn parts, only to see them get manipulated, mangled and morphed, for which Robbert understandably still hates me … Art can be cruel.
Peter Krako crashed one night at my place after a gig and asked if he could contribute something in the studio: the wonderful “Tell me, No” Intro & Background Vocals were born.

Time for Selma to revisit the studio and get reacquainted with her restyled Originals and to find her new voice within the changed scenery.
We had come full circle.

After Editing and Mixing the twelve songs I decided to make one last bold move by asking a famous Mastering Engineer to evaluate my Mixes before Mastering them. Exclamations like “This is Poetry” and “I love this song” and “You and the band are very creative” (and of course: go easy on the bus-compression) provided the much needed confidence boost to finally put the project to rest.

So here it is! We, NERVEN (Selma and JP), give you: THE HEARING TRUMPET.